SSIS error: 0xC0048021SSIS

After deploying my SSIS ETL project, I tried to run it and got this error: Flat File Destination failed validation and returned error code 0xC0048021. See below how to fix this.

A newly deployed SSIS job fails with this lovely error message. Now what?

Here is a text version of the error message.

Create Export File:Error: There were errors during task validation.
Create Export File:Error: One or more component failed validation.
Create Export File:Error: Flat File Destination failed validation and returned error code 0xC0048021.
Create Export File:Error: The component is missing, not registered, not upgradeable, or missing required interfaces.
The contact information for this component is "Flat File Destination;Microsoft Corporation; Microsoft SQL Server;
(C) Microsoft Corporation; All Rights Reserved;;1".
Create Export File:Information: Validation phase is beginning.
Create Export File:Error: The version of Flat File Destination, clsid {44152846-E5A6-4EDB-8B8E-7072209A7662} is not compatible with this version of the DataFlow.

It looks like a scary message, but looking at the error message, it says: is not compatible with this version of the dataflow. Hmmmm.

Let us look at the properties of the Solution. Right click the solution and choose Properties at the bottom.

On the left side, click Configuration Properties -> General. In the middle we can see that the TargetServerVersion is set to SQL Server 2019. That is incorrect for my environment. It should be SQL Server 2016 since that is the database version I am running on.

Click the drop down for TargetServerVersion and change it to the version you are running. Here I changed to it 2016.

After pressing OK, you will get this warning. If you are sure, press YES to convert your project.

After this Redeploy your project and it will run now.


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