SSIS Conditional Split Transformation

You may have a big file or a large database table that you want to split up into different csv files.  Instead of writing multiple queries for the different cases, you can use  Conditional Split within SSIS to accomplish this task.  There are also a multitude of other scenarios you can use it for.

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Locked out of SQL Server 2008 and prior

The deadline has passed for SQL Server 2008 and prior to be supported so now you have to migrate the databases to newer versions, but you cannot connect because the person who knows the SA password has left or it has been forgotten.  Using PSEXEC you can recover access and login!

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SQL Server find previously run queries

Have you ever created a query, exported the results and then closed the query tab, not saving because it was just a one time query?  Then 5 minutes later you get a call saying, “oh, can you run it again with these values?”.  Now you have to wrack your brain and figure out what you previously created.

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