SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2018

Last week I attended SQL Saturday.  In last years posting: SQLSaturday #595 Cleveland 2017 I explained all of the benefits and all of the great FREE training and networking that you can do.  This year I will give you a rundown of the sessions I attended in 2018.

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Parameterize a SSRS report using SSAS Data.

In a previous posting we created our first SSRS report pulling from our SSAS cube data.  It ran fine, but it brought back all of the data in the database.  This posting will show you how to add a parameter so only selected information is brought back.  You may think of this like a WHERE clause in your SQL statements.

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Connecting Excel to Sql Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Last week we created a cube using SSAS.  Now I am going to show you how your end users will connect to it using Excel and how they can use the data in a meaningful way while using their favorite tool (Excel).

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Your first BI SSAS Cube

Today we are going to create a very simple SSAS cube to show some of the useful things that you can do with Sql Server Analysis Services.  In production or a real world scenario, you would do much more planning and analysis, but this article will show you the steps that you will need to complete.  This is really the tip of the iceberg of things that you can accomplish with SSAS, so feel free to explore.

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