Extract code from your databases

Quick, you need to get all of the code for all of your stored procedures in your database!  All you need to do is go to your source control system and get them right?  What do you mean you do not have them, well here is how to extract them from the database so you can create a source control baseline.

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Backing up an Oracle Database with RMAN

Some workplaces have multiple database platforms that you will be responsible for.  The main thing a DBA is responsible for is being able to recover the database in case of a disaster.  Below is an easy way how to backup an Oracle database using RMAN.  Is it the only way to do this?  Of course not, there a literally dozens of ways depending on how complicated your environment is, but it is a legitimate way to create a backup and it will save you.  In the next posting, I will show you how to restore the database onto a new server.

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Insert into Table with an Identity column

Have you ever deleted a row of data and then needed to put it back due to being told it was the wrong row, but the table had an identity column and will not let you insert the row back?  Using the Set Identity_Insert command, you can insert into the table.

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