Modify SSRS Subscription Retries

When a SSRS subscription fails to run successfully, it will automatically retry 3 times with 15 minutes between runs. This is a good default, but sometimes you want to change those settings. Below I will show you how.

This is an easy setting to modify, but not many people know about it. First we need to find the file called:


This file is located in the directory where you installed SSRS. The default directory and where my file is located is in this location:

c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS13.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer

Before making any changes to this file MAKE A BACKUP!!!!

Now open the file in your favorite text editor and do a search for MaxRetries. In the file there will be sections for each type of subscription type. I only care about saving to a fileshare and email subscriptions since those are the ones I use.

The setting MaxRetries is currently set for 3. On my server I usually change it to 2. Why? Just a personal preference with no reason.

The other setting I change is SecondsBeforeRetry. The default is 900 which is 15 minutes. I change mine to 120 which is 2 minutes. I also change this just because if the reports fail, I do not want the system to drag this out and run into the afternoon. I want them to fail less times and quickly. Of course the reasons that the reports failed could be fixed in the extended time and then run correctly so it is a balancing act and a personal decision based on your system.

After you make your changes, save the file and then restart the SSRS reporting services service.


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