SSRS Repeat Header rows across the top.

How do you freeze the header rows on a SSRS report so it looks like Excel when you freeze panes and scroll down?  Read on and find how easy it is.

Below is a simple SSRS report that is just listing 3 columns.



Here is what it looks like when it is previewed, nothing fancy just a listing.




I need to export it to PDF by clicking the disk icon on the preview screen and choosing PDF.



Here is page 1 of the pdf when opened in Acrobat Reader.  It has the header fields on the top.



However, when I get to page 2, the headers are no longer there.



First you need to go to our report design screen.  On the bottom right (in yellow), click the drop down and select “Advanced Mode”.



After doing that, it shows items in the Row Groups and Column Groups panes.  Click the top row (Static) in the Row Groups pane and then look to the right for its properties.  There is a setting called:  RepeatOnNewPage, change the value to TRUE.



Now do another preview of the report and export it again to a pdf file.  There is a header on the first row.



Scroll down to page 2 or greater, and now you can see the row headers have been added to all of the pages.



There you have it.  It is easy to add header rows once you know where to look.


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